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Hello, I'm Molly!

I'm broadly interested in evolutionary biology, ecological immunology, and host-pathogen co-evolutionary processes.


Research News

New manuscript shows adaptive genetic change(s) was necessary for

Mycoplasma gallisepticum to jumpfrom poultry into

house finches (Haemorhous mexicanus)!

New review manuscript on Immunoglobulin A as an indicator

animal welfare is out now!



Mycoplasma gallisepticum-infected house finch. Photo credit: Dr. Geoff Hill. 


Selected Publications

Staley, M, MG Conners, K Hall, and LJ Miller. In press. Linking stress and immunity: Immunoglobulin A as a non-invasive physiological biomarker in animal welfare studies. Hormones and Behavior.

Staley, M, GE Hill, CC Josefson, JW Armbruster, and C Bonneaud. 2018. Bacterial pathogen emergence requires more than direct contact with a novel passerine host. Infection and Immunity 86: e00863-17.

Staley, M, and C Bonneaud. 2015. Immune responses of wild birds to emerging infectious diseases. Parasite Immunology 37: 242-254.

Staley, M, CM Vleck, and D Vleck. 2011. Plasma testosterone concentrations in adult tree swallows during the breeding season. Wilson Journal of Ornithology. 123: 608-613.

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